The patented AOTech advanced oxidation process is most easily explained as a supercharged oxidation reaction.  Our proprietary activators are introduced together with a hydrogen peroxide solution to generate free radicals.  These free radicals destroy contaminants quickly and efficiently.  This technology does not create harmful reaction biproducts and aids biological treatment in wastewater treatment systems.

AOTech Process Advantages

  • Short reaction time 
  • Low capital investment.
  • No specialized/proprietary equipment requirements.

AOTech Performance Advantages

  • Effectively treats high contaminant loads.
  • Treats wide range of contaminants and odor compounds.
  • Functions well in high oxidant demand conditions.
  • Functions in wide range of operating conditions (pH, temperature, turbidity, color)
  • Not impacted by gas solubility rates.

Offering The Best Environmental Remediation And Wastewater Solutions

ORIN Technologies specializes in oxidation, bioremediation, reduction, and advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) to address specific issues in remediation and water treatment.

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