ORIN conducted large scale treatment of groundwater contaminated with chlorinated solvents using BAM, a pyrolized cellulosic material, and ABC+, a soybean EVO mixed with zero valent iron. BAM was mixed with water and injected through 14 DPT points and ABC+ was mixed with water and injected through 6 DPT points encompassing MW-04 and MW-07. 20 points were injected around each well for a total of 40 points, 2,800 gallons of BAM and 1,200 gallons of ABC+. A barrier wall was made around MW-44 with a mixture of BAM and ABC+ DPT points. During injection activities, BAM and ABC+ were observed in MW-04 and MW-44. Treatment extended from 20 feet below ground surface (ft bgs) to approximately 30 ft bgs.