Chlorinated Solvents

BAM Injection Chlorinated Solvents


ORIN successfully treated chlorinated solvent contaminated groundwater utilizing in-situ chemical injection. ORIN’s approach was to incorporate a barrier wall to stop migration off site, as well as hot spot treatment around MW-14. Approximately forty-eight injection points were designated as BAM Ultra points, while twenty injection points were designated as ABC+ points. The majority of

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BAM and ABC+ Chlorinated Solvents


ORIN conducted large scale treatment of groundwater contaminated with chlorinated solvents using BAM, a pyrolized cellulosic material, and ABC+, a soybean EVO mixed with zero valent iron. BAM was mixed with water and injected through 14 DPT points and ABC+ was mixed with water and injected through 6 DPT points encompassing MW-04 and MW-07.

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BAM and ABC+ Treating PCE Plume


The subsurface beneath a currently busy, multi-business structure is delineated as the source area for impacted groundwater. The soil matrix is predominantly silt. Remedial DPT injections targeted migrating plumes emerging from the source area. ORIN first conducted a pilot test around MW-3 and MW-4, proving the effectiveness of the combined treatment chemistries. BAM was

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Ex-Situ Soil Mixing—Chlorinated Solvents


ORIN successfully treated contaminated unsaturated soils using BAM treatment material in conjunction with chemical oxidation while simultaneously mixing soils with an excavator. Contaminant odor was detected throughout the project. A grab soil sample was measured with a PID at 2,900ppm. Free product was also observed during the project. Approximately 1,400 cubic yards of soil

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Ex-Situ Soil Mix Chlorinated Solvents


ORIN treated highly contaminated unsaturated soils using a combination of advanced oxidation treatment chemistry and bio-available absorbent media (BAM). The chemistries were applied separately and mixed into the soils with a modified excavator. Approximately 9,120 cubic yards of soil were treated ex-situ within contained treatment pits of 4-ft thickness. The treatment zone was excavated

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