ORIN has experience working with most every type of wastewater treatment plant in nearly every market and industry.  We are commonly invited to assist when system designs are exceeded or are under stress. ORIN conducts audits looking at system performance, deviation from original design, water chemistry changes, and finally the desired outcome.  We work to provide practical solutions to relieve stress from your treatment system, your personnel, and your bottom line.

Pulp & Paper Annual Outage/Shutdown Consultation

Allow ORIN Technologies to help you with your annual outage/shutdown wastewater management planning.

  • Pre-shutdown consulting: ORIN works with mills prior to shutdown to identify areas of concern and coordinate drain schedules to minimize loading and odor releases.
  • Temporary treatment programs:  Outages may require a temporary treatment program to eliminate odor releases or water quality deviations during shutdown.
  • Onsite support: Onsite personnel to support your wastewater team in monitoring wastewater chemistry parameters, insuring consistent chemical addition, verifying system performance, and maintaining chemical feed equipment.
  • Rental Assets:  Utilize our inventory of backup pumps, fittings, containment basins, monitors, and test kits during the outage.
  • Communication: Communication between mill operations and the environmental management team can be hectic during the shutdown.  ORIN can function as a conduit for clear and concise communication throughout the outage.