ORIN treated highly contaminated unsaturated soils using a combination of advanced oxidation treatment chemistry and bio-available absorbent media (BAM). The chemistries were applied separately and mixed into the soils with a modified excavator. Approximately 9,120 cubic yards of soil were treated ex-situ within contained treatment pits of 4-ft thickness. The treatment zone was excavated in 570 cubic yard batches. The Fenton’s treatment chemistry, a catalyzed hydrogen peroxide solution, was applied to break apart the clays, oxidize VOCs, and better homogenize the mixing of the BAM particulate. The site specific clean-up goal targeted less than 1.3 mg/kg TCE (or sufficiently meet TCLP standards), so as to allow the re-emplacement of treated soils into the subsurface. Post treatment composite samples determined the contaminant level reduction and need for retreatment if necessary.