ORIN’s approach to free product removal utilizes chemical injection and simultaneous vacuum extraction via adjacent wells also known as “Inject-and-Extract”. The process can be employed for LNAPL or DNAPL treatment.

Chemical Injection

ORIN will customize the treatment chemicals to the site-specific characteristics based on contaminant, geology, and goals. Injection delivers the treatment chemistry through a series of borings spaced within the treatment zone. ORIN’s blend of oxidants and catalyzing agents allow the contaminant mass to be desorbed from the soil formation for enhanced recovery in the short term. Remaining oxidants continue to degrade contaminants after implementation for extended treatment.

The Extraction Process

Vacuum extraction is applied simultaneously to chemical injection via vacuum truck. Extraction locations are positioned intermittently throughout the treatment area. Contaminant desorption occurs as the treatment chemical is drawn through the impacted soils from adjacent injection points. The desorbed mass or NAPL is then recovered by vacuum extraction. The result is an efficient process for NAPL treatment. Less chemical and time is needed to remove the free product vs traditional oxidant chemicals alone.