Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Our clients have unique wastewater systems and equally unique treatment requirements.  While our competitors provide cookie cutter treatment approaches based on their company’s product line offerings, ORIN draws treatment solutions from a network of providers. ORIN’s flexibility allow us to customize treatment solutions that fit our clients’ needs rather than fitting problems into a rigid product portfolio.  On occasions in which a readymade solution was not available, ORIN has invented processes to meet unique client requirements.

Industries Served

Pulp and Paper – Pulp mill effluent, paper mill effluent, foul condensate, crude tall oil underflow, crude sulfate turpentine underflow, fiber dewatering, bio solids dewatering, digester effluent, surge basins, aeration basins, dregs effluent, oil/water separator effluent, sequential batch reactors.

Meat Processing – Effluent, aeration basins, dewatering, lagoons.

Agricultural Processing – Effluent, aeration basins, clarifiers, dewatering, lagoons, anaerobic digester effluent.

Oil and Gas  – Produced water, flowback, cuttings, polymer breaking, lagoons, condensate, hydrostatic testing fluids, polymer breaking.

Petroleum Refineries – Process water, effluent, clarifiers, hydrostatic testing fluids, aerated basins, sequential batch reactors.

Chemical Manufacturing Facilities – Process water, effluent, clarifiers, hydrostatic testing fluids, aerated basins, sequential batch reactors, polymer breaking,

Container Recycling – Wash water, effluent.

Environmental Remediation – Groundwater, soil.

Offering The Best Environmental Remediation And Wastewater Solutions

ORIN Technologies specializes in oxidation, bioremediation, reduction, and advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) to address specific issues in remediation and water treatment.

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