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Wastewater generated from oil and gas in upstream, midstream, and downstream activities require low cost, highly effective treatment mechanisms.  Many operators require multiple treatment chemistries to achieve treatment goals such as sour water treatment, residual polymer breaking, reverse emulsion breaking, or trace hydrocarbon removal.  ORIN provides each of these treatment capabilities using our AOTech advanced oxidation process so that our clients can treat water on the fly with a single dose.

AOTech in Oil & Gas

Pre-treatment – Electro Coagulation

Increases EC throughput, treatment efficiencies, and extends electrode life.

Sour Water (Sulfide) Treatment

Rapidly eliminates sulfide. Results in a safer work environment, reduces sulfide toxicity in surface discharge systems, and controls sulfide related corrosion.

Petroleum Hydrocarbon Mitigation

Pretreatment or polishing step to quickly remove residual hydrocarbons found in produced water streams. This includes treatment of BTEX, GRO, and DRO components.

Entrained Oil Release/Reverse Emulsion Breaking

Destroys the functionality of surfactants, freeing entrained oil for recovery and sale. In addition, ORIN Technologies can provide an entire suite of chemistries to aid in the recovery of entrained oil.

Metals Removal Pretreatment

Breaking of complex drilling additives and polymers, freeing metals used in crosslinking and/or allowing metals to be removed by conventional technologies.

Dye Removal

Rapidly destroys dyes commonly used to evaluate fluid movement and leaks as well as the progress of additives in drilling and production activities.

Breaker/Viscosity Reduction

Breaks even the most robust AMPS co-polymers for any number of desired viscosity endpoints.

Down-Hole Breaking

ORIN Technologies’ patented ORTech DB process can be used for breaking a wide range of polymers, even the lowest of down-hole temperatures. The ORTech DB process can be customized to provide the down-hole break at the time needed while reaching a desirable final viscosity.

Offering The Best Environmental Remediation And Wastewater Solutions

ORIN Technologies specializes in oxidation, bioremediation, reduction, and advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) to address specific issues in remediation and water treatment.

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