Outage & Shutdown Support

Outage & Shutdown Support

Annual outages and plant shutdowns are a challenging time for odor control in mills due to abnormal loading and increased discharge rates. ORIN begins working with mills prior to shutdown to help identify areas of concern and coordinate drain schedules that minimize the release of hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and other malodorous compounds. During the shutdown and draining process, ORIN personnel can provide onsite support to monitor both aqueous and atmospheric sulfide levels at key points in the treatment system as contents from processes of concern are added to the wastewater system (accumulators, liquor clarifiers, wash tanks, chests, etc.). Drain schedules tend to change as process shutdowns progress which can create unforeseen challenges within the wastewater treatment system. ORIN can provide the mill additional resources in monitoring water chemistry and equipment function, and by ensuring proper responses are initiated across the entire water treatment system. ORIN’s experience can help mills refine and improve their shutdown process year over year resulting in a less stressful, more efficient, and more economical outage.

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ORIN Technologies specializes in oxidation, bioremediation, reduction, and advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) to address specific issues in remediation and water treatment.

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