Oxidation & Advanced Oxidation Processes

Expert Application

ORIN specializes in the application of oxidation and advanced oxidation processes in wastewater treatment systems. Whether you are looking to boost dissolved oxygen, disinfect effluent, or destroy a specific contaminant, ORIN can design and implement a treatment system using a range of commodity oxidants and oxidation processes.


  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Persulfate – Sodium, Ammonium
  • Chlorine Dioxide – Passive Generation Technology
  • Permanganate – Sodium, Potassium

Advanced Oxidation

Many clients are interested in advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) but are reluctant to utilize them due to high capital investment, elevated operational costs, and continuous maintenance requirements.  ORIN offers the AOTech AOP which utilizes common metering pumps, commodity oxidizers, and requires minimal maintenance allowing any
facility to deploy an effective, cost efficient AOP.

Offering The Best Environmental Remediation And Wastewater Solutions

ORIN Technologies specializes in oxidation, bioremediation, reduction, and advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) to address specific issues in remediation and water treatment.

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