Project Details

Treatment Chemistries:

Project Summary

ORIN successfully conducted a pilot test to treat groundwater contaminated with GRO, DRO, Crude Oil, and PVOC utilizing BAM, a pyrolized cellulosic material, VB591 nutrient blend. Two pilot areas were conducted: one with BAM alone (IW-3) and one with BAM mixed with nutrients (IW-2). DPT points were advanced around each well. The treatment chemistry was mixed with water and injected through DPT points utilizing a side injection rod. A total of 2,740 gallons of solution was injected between the two areas. During injection activities, a vacuum truck extracted groundwater from various wells within and adjacent to the injection areas.

Project Results

Three rounds of sampling have occurred during the post treatment period with non-detect results for all COC’s sampled at IW-2 and IW-3. The results yield a 100% reduction for contaminant levels at IW-2 and IW-3. The use of vacuum extraction helped to distribute the treatment chemistry to ensure complete coverage in the target area of concern. ORIN is currently conducing full-scale injection at this site.