Project Details

Treatment Chemistries:

Project Summary

ORIN successfully treated BTEX contaminated groundwater utilizing ORIN’s patented Bioavailable Absorbent Media (BAM). The primary contaminant, Benzene, was prevalent in five of the primary monitoring wells on site. ORIN utilized DPT in order to pinpoint the targeted areas with higher Benzene concentrations. A vacuum truck was utilized during chemical injection to remove highly contaminated groundwater and to provide hydraulic control. Fifty-six injection points received a combined total of 4,760 gallons of treatment chemistry.

Project Results

BAM, in combination with a vacuum truck, was shown to successfully destroy Benzene. Pre-treatment, MW-4 and MW-5 measured Benzene at 10,800 µg/L and 8,500 µg/L respectively. Post treatment, MW-4 and MW-5 measured Benzene at non-detect and 1,970 µg/L respectively. Overall, the data collected post treatment of the five impacted monitoring wells on-site revealed a 90.9% reduction in Benzene. The site was closed after one year of monitoring where the results were below standards.