Project Details

Treatment Chemistries:


Project Summary

ORIN successfully treated contaminated unsaturated soils using BAM treatment material in conjunction with chemical oxidation while simultaneously mixing soils with an excavator. Contaminant odor was detected throughout the project. A grab soil sample was measured with a PID at 2,900ppm. Free product was also observed during the project. Approximately 1,400 cubic yards of soil were treated with Fenton’s Reagent. Following the completion of the Fenton’s reaction, approximately 8-10 cubic yards of BAM were applied to each batch of soil and thoroughly mixed with an excavator.

Project Results

Samples were collected 3 days after the mixing processes were completed and sent to an analytical lab. Initial TCLP TCE concentrations averaged 10mg/L. Following treatment, the average TCE concentration was 0.1mg/L. This translates to a 99.99% reduction in TCE contamination. With this reduction, the soils passed the site specific clean up goals and will be sent to a landfill as non-hazardous waste.