Project Details

Treatment Chemistries:


Project Summary

ORIN conducted large scale treatment of groundwater contaminated with chlorinated solvents using BAM, a pyrolized cellulosic material, and ABC+, a soybean EVO mixed with zero valent iron. BAM was mixed with water and injected through 14 DPT points and ABC+ was mixed with water and injected through 6 DPT points encompassing MW-04 and MW-07. 20 points were injected around each well for a total of 40 points, 2,800 gallons of BAM and 1,200 gallons of ABC+. A barrier wall was made around MW-44 with a mixture of BAM and ABC+ DPT points. During injection activities, BAM and ABC+ were observed in MW-04 and MW-44. Treatment extended from 20 feet below ground surface (ft bgs) to approximately 30 ft bgs.

Project Results

Baseline samples were taken prior to treatment to characterize the contaminant level and compare treatment reductions. Three rounds of sampling have occurred during the post treatment period with 95.3% reduction for all COC’s sampled at MW-04, 99.9% at MW-7, and 99.8% at MW-44.