Project Details

Treatment Chemistries:


Project Summary

ORIN conducted a pilot test to treat PFAS impacted surface water flowing through collection vaults using BAM filled booms (8” diameter) and pillows (6” thick). The booms were customized to fit the dimensions of the vault for maximum BAM / surface water contact. BAM booms were placed into the vault and passive flow surface water was in contact with the Booms and Pillow for 27 days before initial inlet / discharge samples were collected for laboratory analysis.

Project Results

Baseline samples were taken prior to treatment to characterize the contaminant level and compare treatment reductions. Pre-treatment analysis showed PFOS at 1,120 ng/L and PFOA at 143 ng/L. Total combined PFAS measured 4,530 ng/L. Following the 27 day time period water samples were collected and analyzed. PFOS measured 290 ng/L and PFOA at 38.5 ng/L showing a 74% and 73% reduction, respectively. Total combined PFAS was reduced to 1,231 ng/L translating to a 73% reduction.