Chlorinated Solvents

BAM Injection PFAS


ORIN conducted a pilot test to treat groundwater contaminated with PFAS using BAM, a pyrolized cellulosic material. BAM was mixed with water and injected through 46 DPT points encompassing PZ-1 and MW-5. A total of 4,445 gallons of BAM solution was injected through the 46 points. During injection activities, BAM was observed in PZ-1.

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BAM Booms Treating PFAS


ORIN conducted a pilot test to treat PFAS impacted surface water flowing through collection vaults using BAM filled booms (8” diameter) and pillows (6” thick). The booms were customized to fit the dimensions of the vault for maximum BAM / surface water contact. BAM booms were placed into the vault and passive flow surface

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